Cannabis oil, which is widely known as an alternative treatment for cancer, is to be ingested orally, through vapor, or can be used as suppositories. One would need approximately 60 grams of cannabis oil to kill most cancers in the body, thanks to the antioxidants found in the substance.

Many would find that they need 90 days to fully ingest 60 grams of cannabis oil. It is recommended to take in cannabis oil in increasing dosages, and start with a dosage that would be half a grain of rice. This dose would be doubled every four days until the patient can take in 1 gram a day. Continue that dosage for 30-35 days, or until cancer symptoms are gone. Even after all the cancer symptoms are removed and the patient’s cancer is diagnosed to be in complete remission, cannabis oil can still be used, with a dosage of 1 gram a month, to promote overall health.

Cannabis oil can also be used as an alternative to addicting painkillers used by cancer patients to ward off pain, such as Vicodin or morphine.

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