The information below is a translation from Jamaican Patois (dialect) to understandable English. The video to which this translation corresponds can be found here on TikTok.

High Blood Pressure

  • People who are suffering from high blood pressure, you need 7 pegs of garlic in a pint of apple cider vinegar. This cures the worst high blood pressure.
  • 3 young breadfruit leaves, 3 young pear leaves or 3 young mango leaves, and 3 young soursop leaves boiled as a tea with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar cures the worst high blood pressure.
  • You have scallion, garlic and onion; boil those 3 as tea, no sugar, drink it on a daily basis, cures the worst high blood pressure.


  • For people who are suffering from diabetes, this plant her called dandelion. Pull up the dandelion, cut off the root. Boil it with garlic and marijuana. This cures the worst diabetes.
  • You have neem, dandelion root and bird pepper (cayenne pepper) cures the worst diabetes.
  • When it comes to diabetes, also, young coconut, Chaney root, young banana sucker, and dandelion root with garlic cures the diabetes.


Cancer, what is cancer? Cancer is a fungus in the body. Every cancer can be cured.

Guinea root, carrot, beet root, and white rum, baking soda cure the worst cancer. Prostate cancer, breast cancer, lungs cancer; you name the cancer. Dig up the guinea hen root 3 days before the full moon or 3 days after the full moon. That is when it is most potent.

Herbs is your only source of healing. When you are sick, “woe be onto the doctor” meaning leave the doctor alone and seek a herbal physician. Who is a herbal physician? A herbal physician is a person who uses natural medicine to restore your immune system.

Blood Cleansing

Cleaning your blood:Every sickness and disease is in the blood. If it does not come from the blood, it does not exist: no matter what you got. It’s easy to cure your blood [ailments].

So to cure your blood, you get several herbs: dandelion root, sarsaparilla, beet root, black pepper, turmeric (which we call yellow ginger). All these herbs boiled together clean the blood.

Cerassie, sinkle bible (aloe vera), marijuana, epsom salt and brandy clean the blood.

So it makes no sense being sick.


If you have fever, go get bamboo leaves. It draws out every fever out of you [your body]. Guinea hen root draws out every fever out of you [your body]. Place the bamboo leaves under your sheet, not the mattress, it draws out every fever out of the person. Bathe the person with the bamboo leaves (boiled), draws out every fever.


Chikungunya? Every virus is the same. It doesn’t make a difference. HIV, herpes, all of them is the same virus. They are just given names! When somebody says you have immune deficiency. The words immune deficiency means your body is lacking a minerals.

You have 3 minerals that cure every disease: magnesium, ascorbic acid (which is vitamin C), and beta carotene (which is vitamin A). Vitamin A kills every virus in the body.

So what you do is blend the raw carrot with sinkle bible gel (aloe vera gel) and beet root, white rum and honey. This cures any blood [virus] disease.

People stop being sick and stop being ignorant and stop refusing the law of the Almighty Creator. Right?


Can you imagine, people with asthma… beat the Susumba leaf, wring out (extract) the juice, add a little salt – cures the worst asthma.

Leaf of life. Beat the leaf of life, add a little coarse salt. This cures the worst asthma. Right?

Poor circulation

Poor circulation: Nutmeg, ginger, and devil horse whip, medina, duppy-gun (Ruellia Tuberosa), those cure any form of circulation problem.

What is prostate cancer? Prostate cancer occurs when your prostate gland is enlarged, causing stoppage of water problems. To get rid of the water stoppage problem, there is a herb named wild basil (thyme that you use to boil soup) and corn hair (corn silk) reduce any water [retention] from the body.


  • To cure the prostate, guinea hen, beet root and carrot cure the worst prostate.
  • 3 young coconut, 5 dandelion root, 3 young calabash (we call them gourd), boil them together. Drink them on a daily basis… cures the worst prostate.


  • If you are vomiting uncontrollably, 1 Pepsi with a little salt added cures the worst vomiting.
  • Boil a little curry tea, stops the worse vomiting.


  • Having headache? Ginger, nutmeg, vervain stop the worst headache.
  • You have peppermint, garlic and ginger stop the worst headache.
  • Peppermint, garlic and thyme stop the worst headache.

Do not sit there and let doctor tell you that there is no cure for no disease, cause doctors want to make the Almighty Creator a liar; and the Almighty Creator cannot lie. Herbs are the only thing you need to build your immune system. Your immune system is the source of healing. Building your immune system, ‘alkalining’ your blood, meaning purge your blood, clean your blood.

Psalms 51 says purge me with hyssop. What is hyssop? Sinkle bible (aloe vera).

Remove the sinkle bible gel, use it with white rum and honey, cleans everything out of the blood, from AIDS to cancer.

Ginger is 10,000 times more important that chemotherapy.